The success of any new software and web application depends heavily on the lifecycle of its testing. These involve different kinds of processes and procedures that track the output of software under various conditions. This can be in the form of checking the programme to check vulnerability areas, security management and much more.

Security and penetration tests are important since this is the only way to find vulnerabilities. Ignoring these flaws may lead to device violations, personal consumer data loss and incidents that might potentially destroy the product.

Therefore, it is critical for any organization to find the optimal tool…

Why is Legacy Planning so important to you?

Unfortunately, both of my parents died before I was 18, which had a massive impact on my early adult life.

Luckily, my parents had taken some good financial advice, and our family home was put into a trust until myself and my sister reached 25.

At the time of their death, I know I wasn’t mature or experienced enough to make good financial decisions.

I know that if my parents hadn’t put a suitable trust in place, I wouldn’t have had any significant assets left after a few years.

Why get a Will?

Some of the…

You may be considering renting a garage for a whole range of reasons. Perhaps you need to keep your car somewhere safe and secure or you need storage space during home renovations. Whatever your reason, renting a garage can be an excellent, cost-effective solution.

However, it is important that you choose your garage wisely to make sure you get the best one for your needs and can take full advantage of all the benefits of renting a garage. So, what elements should you consider when you are looking for a garage to rent?


The first thing to clarify is…

A properly written Will puts you in control

Make the Process Easy for your Loved Ones at a Difficult Time

Most of us know the importance of having a Will but, unfortunately, about 60% of the UK population don’t have any form of Will in place. Many others wrote their Will some years ago and have not looked at it since.

The idea of a making a Will can be off-putting. Perhaps you worry about making a Will because it make you think about the end of your life. Or maybe you aren’t sure how to create a Will which treats everyone fairly. You may even worry about the cost.

And yet…

johneii wills

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